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Why Marketers Choose Animated Videos? (Practical Reasons)


Why is animation such a popular style for marketing video? Nostalgia, customization, representing the audience – those ideas are all right and true, but it’s not the whole story.

After reading a dozen articles on the topic of animation vs. live action video for business, we found that quite a few points are missing in all of them.

Actually, because additional reasons are not as straightforward, even our own previous article (about basic pros and cons of both styles) doesn’t include them.

So here they are, five surprising practical reasons why animation works so well for businesses (that no one talks about).

Forgiving nature of animation

Cartoons are directly related to childhood and help us learn our first important life skills while also entertaining us. Hence most modern people perceive animated characters as familiar and friendly. In general, this makes animation a more approachable video style for marketing.

Human actors often struggle to connect with their audience for many reasons. One of them is that real humans, unlike fictitious characters in cartoons, have real lives and qualities that we evaluate.

Animated characters are simplified and often cuter versions of us, so we feel more compelled to forgive them, even if we don’t like their message.

Fakeness of (some) stock video

Stock photos and videos are everywhere – from your local fast food joint to a multi-billion corporation’s website. Chances are, you can even find the same images at both places.

Apart from the ubiquitousness of stock photos and footage (mainly free), they also often look too staged and overpolished. For objects – it’s fine, but when it comes to people, things start getting weird (like, uncanny-valley weird).

Not all stock materials are bad, but low-quality stock video and photos are very easy to spot. And because those that don’t look cheap normally cost accordingly, cartoon animated video becomes a very compelling alternative for marketing.

If you choose to use stock videos, at least consider sprinkling some branded motion graphics on top of it. Consistent animated elements throughout your video can glue different stock shots together and create a better sense of the brand image.

Production convenience

Live video production process requires a lot of hustle – location scouting, hiring actors, transporting props, and the list goes on. Animated video, on the other hand, can be produced without leaving a single room.

Even when working on small projects, it’s simply much easier to follow the animated video production process. All the steps are already digitized, and modern production tools (like Boords and allow for easy and quick collaboration on the go.

With live production, you need to be present on the set, unless you trust the director completely or are ready to sacrifice time and money for later reshoots. Either way, more manual processes always lead to further time creep.

Highly reusable assets

Because modern animated video production is entirely digital, each asset (e.g., illustrations, animations, sounds, etc.) can be copied, edited, and used again infinitely, without any limitations of traditional methods.

At Verstiuk Production, for each completed project we provide our clients with every element used in the final video. This means you can reuse those assets again at any time and for any form of marketing materials (like whitepapers, blog posts, or social content and others).

The production files for animated video can also be easily edited. We can change characters, logos, sound effects, or anything else later – no need for any reshoots or special effects.

Instant access to the world’s top talent

Unlike with live video, you can outsource video animation work anywhere across the globe. It’s convenient, yes, but it can also be a real necessity in some cases.

If you are working at a remote location, or just can’t find the right talent locally, hiring a studio from another state for your local live action recording can be too expensive. But with animation, you can team up with top experts from anywhere in the world and even save some budget.

It’s also not that unusual to find a dedicated video animation company overseas that’s more responsive and professional that the local competitors.


Serious businesses choose animation over live-action video for practical reasons. Video animation services are convenient, and the final product usually yields better results for the price.

Finally, even if you decide to stick with live action, consider using special effects and motion graphics to spice up the video. Cohesive branded motion graphics boost brand image and help viewers remember your message better.

For more expert advice on choosing between animation and live action – check out our pros and cons article, or drop us a line if you have a specific question.

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