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Video Advertising

What is a video advertisement?

A video advertisement (also called a commercial) is a straightforward promotional video that has only one major goal – to sell your product or service.

Like TV ads, online commercials are short, sweet, and brand-oriented. They provide little detail about your company and instead focus on grabbing attention and quickly selling a specific offer.

When to use video ads?

As customer today rarely buys after watching a single ad, video advertising often plays a brand/offer awareness role, until it eventually converts the viewer.

For consumer goods and other common products/services, video ads are crucial for marketing success.

Depending on your niche, you can advertise with video on multiple different online platforms, including Youtube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, each of which has its own benefits and downsides.

Qualities of a great video ad

— Instantly attention-grabbing;
— Brand-oriented;
— Promotes a specific offer;
— Tailored to the advertising platform;
— Usually around 30 seconds.

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