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e-Zinc Case Study

Innovative Zinc-based Energy Batteries

The client

e-Zinc is a Canadian corporation that has developed a low-cost long-term energy storage solution called the Zn Reactor.

e-Zinc’s patented batteries are estimated to be up to 80 percent cheaper than Li-ion systems. They also feature superior technical properties that make them a completely safe and flexible alternative to conventional batteries.

This breakthrough zinc-based electrochemical technology has already won several prominent awards, including a $1.5M grant funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada.

The problem

Due to the complexity and novelty of e-Zinc’s technology, presenting it to investors and potential customers was a challenge. Especially online, where attention spans are very limited.

To communicate its value proposition better and improve sales, e-Zinc decided to develop a new website and enhance it with a high-quality explainer video.

The key requirement for the video was to present all of the aspects of the innovation without revealing too much of the patented technical details.

Our solution

After studying the product and its branding, we crafted two versions of a script – 90 and 60s, and a draft visual concept.

Comparing the two scripts allowed e-Zinc to confidently choose the longer version that packs more details. The Client also liked the visual concept we presented, and we took it the storyboarding stage where it was refined further.

For this video, we chose a custom render-heavy 3D animation style. Our goal was to craft a dynamic, highly cinematic experience that would make every sales pitch unforgettable.

Average production time of such video – 8-12 weeks.

The final result

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