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Ideal Word Count for a 1 Minute Video Script (+ Exceptions)

Is there an ideal word count for a one minute video? What about the exceptions? Here's what we've learned based on our experience writing over 400 scripts.


Video Hosting: 5 Best Options For Businesses (YouTube Alternatives)

Many websites offer video hosting services today. Where should your company host its videos? Here is our review of the top 5 solutions for businesses.


9 Tried (& Quick) Holiday Video Ideas For Businesses + Examples!

We’ve collected 9 creative corporate holiday video ideas that cover almost any budget and can still be done before 2021 hits the door.


5 Easy Script Templates – Promotional Video (+ Examples)

Learn how to write a good video script on your own. Why would you want to write a script yourself instead of hiring a professional? There's at least...


More Than Cartoons: 5 Reason Why Serious Brands Need Animation

Serious brands with complex technical, financial, and scientific products need animated videos if they want to succeed in marketing. Here's why.


Explainer Fatigue: The Silent Killer of Video Marketing ROI

Cookie-cutter explainers and brand videos are everywhere. They are simple, easy to produce, and terrible for your overall video marketing ROI. Here's why.


Pandemic Marketing? — How Brands React (Best Practices)

Facing the economic fallout from coronavirus, marketers need real examples of how to deal with it, not just opinions. Learn from the best in this article.


Video Marketing 101 For B2B Lead Generation & Sales (2020)

All you need to know about B2B video marketing, on one page. Tips, strategy, and best practices – everything in one comprehensive guide.


The Greatest Enterprise Video Production Risks

Starting with video marketing in a big company? Minimize these risks before they ruin your corporate video production project.


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