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Clutch-Approved: Top B2B Platform & Our Journey

Clutch lists 27,000+ agencies in 500+ categories. That’s quite impressive. Is it still viable for a small firm to try and rank on Clutch? Here's our story.


SaaS Video Marketing – Main Concerns & Benefits

Learn about the common concerns that SaaS marketers have regarding video and find out for yourself if the benefits of an animated video outweigh the risks.


3D Animation for Biotech – Benefits & Best Practices

In this article, we review each benefit of 3D biotech animation in detail and list the best practices to help your company achieve more with 3D.


11 Tricks for Creating Engaging Videos (+ Best Examples)

Why do some commercials bore us to death, and others make us watch with an open mouth? Learn the tricks that producers use to create attention-grabbing video ads.


How to Find & Choose Good Music for Video (5 Pro Tips)

Five frequently asked questions about finding and choosing music for video, answered by professionals working on promotional videos every day.


Why Marketers Choose Animated Videos? (Practical Reasons)

Ever wondered why almost every explainer video is animated? Here are the surprising practical reasons why businesses choose animation for their marketing.


From Oh to Wow! 25 Best Christmas Commercials of 2018

Here's over 34 minutes worth of the best 2018 Christmas greeting and advertisement videos that you can watch with the whole family. Enjoy!


How to Create a Perfect Startup Video (For Crowdfunding & Investors)

Get funded with video marketing – learn how to create startup videos that convince investors and early crowdfunding backers. Examples included!


Animation VS Live Action: All Pros & Cons for Video Marketing

Choosing a video style is the third most significant question in video advertising after marketing strategy and video type. Learn which style is best for your business.


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