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Video Hosting: 5 Best Options For Businesses (YouTube Alternatives)

Many websites offer video hosting services today. Where should your company host its videos? Here is our review of the top 5 solutions for businesses.


Explainer Fatigue: The Silent Killer of Video Marketing ROI

Cookie-cutter explainers and brand videos are everywhere. They are simple, easy to produce, and terrible for your overall video marketing ROI. Here's why.


Video Marketing 101 For B2B Lead Generation & Sales (2020)

All you need to know about B2B video marketing, on one page. Tips, strategy, and best practices – everything in one comprehensive guide.


The Very Best of Christmas Ads — 2019 Edition (30+ Minutes)

Here's over 30 minutes of the most outstanding video ads, published this Christmas (2019-2020). Because not only John Lewis makes incredible holiday videos! :)


Interactive Video 101 – A Practical Guide For Businesses

Exhaustive guide on getting started with interactive video. Definition, use cases, best practices, and templates – all you need to know in one place.


SaaS Video Marketing – Main Concerns & Benefits

Learn about the common concerns that SaaS marketers have regarding video and find out for yourself if the benefits of an animated video outweigh the risks.


3D Animation for Biotech – Benefits & Best Practices

In this article, we review each benefit of 3D biotech animation in detail and list the best practices to help your company achieve more with 3D.


25 Best Christmas Commercials: From Apple to Visa (2018)

Here's over 34 minutes worth of the best 2018 Christmas greeting and advertisement videos that you can watch with the whole family. Enjoy!


How to Create a Perfect Startup Video (For Crowdfunding & Investors)

Get funded with video marketing – learn how to create startup videos that convince investors and early crowdfunding backers. Examples included!


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