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What our clients say about us

Gary McKay
Founder, APPII

The process in terms of options provided, the varying features of the cartoon, the voice-overs, the music was just immense.

The video in the end in terms of what was produced has seen such great reception from potential customers and from supporters of our business.

Dragos Stefanescu
CEO, Crypto Brand Lab

Thank you so very much for the video and your true, 100% professionalism. We are really impressed, we had a very tight deadline… it was a lot to ask, but I was very very impressed by how you have handled it.

You treated us exactly how you treat a dream client… So to all the people involved in the project – job well done.

James Larsen
CEO, e-Zinc

In all aspects and all stages [they] were very professional, their team is exceptionally talented, and it produced an incredible result.

Everyone that has seen the video has given me a lot of compliments about the very high quality of the video.

Mike Hachey

Executive Producer, ILOVEPRODUCING

Verstiuk Production is the real deal! The artists and animators are incredibly creative and professional.

That said, it is their management team and process that’s impressive. From the conceptual designs, to the storyboards, and the finished animation, Verstiuk went above and beyond.

Georgie Wilks-Wiffen

Marketing Communications Manager, The DTG

I am extremely impressed with Verstiuk Production and would hire them again in a second.

They were professional, patient and highly communicative. I cannot recommend this agency enough!

Bill Clarke

Creative Director, Eureka Partners

They translated our storyboard into an impressive display of communication and design.

Verstiuk delivered a professional, high-quality product that exceeded expectations and accurately conveyed the client’s intent.

Hans Kraaijeveld

Owner, Autofactor B.V.

Rating has never been easier: hire those people and have fun working together with them.

Information given by us was absorbed in a really good way and so there was to the point output in a very swift manner. I think we might have found a new partner for our routines!


By nature, video production companies of our size usually work with large brands, but we also gladly take on smaller projects that look exciting to us. We work with direct clients across a dozen industries and partner with over twenty agencies from all over the world.

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