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Video Production for Startups

Explainer Video

An explainer video (also known as a homepage video) is designed to explain your company, product, service or subject in a way that your audience can understand in two minutes or less.

Usually, it’s the most cost-effective type of video for startups.

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Brand Video

Branded content is not meant to convert, rather, it facilitates future conversions by creating a positive brand image.

For startups in the industries that heavily rely on public opinion and reputation, brand video is indispensable.

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Despite the growing social influence in commerce, startups often struggle with customer acquisition in their first months.

A powerful, highly focused advertising video campaign is what can finally bring your startup to the long-awaited breakthrough.

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Video Series

Startups that engage in well-planned, multi-stage marketing campaigns always stand out first.

Publishing a series of videos is a unique way to make your brand more memorable, establish a better online presence, and educate future customers.

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Jonny Ehrich

Marketing & Content Manager, Lana Labs GmbH

First, they quickly understood our product and market without requiring a lot of input from our side. Second, the initial draft of the script was quite close to what we wanted to communicate. And third, they worked extremely fast, transitioning between phases (e.g., finalizing the script to checking video sketches) in a day or less…
Customers can expect a fast partner.

James Larsen

CEO, e-Zinc

The team’s communicative workflow was marked by many rounds of timely feedback. Their responsiveness was a highlight.

The video is an excellent piece of marketing collateral for us to communicate e-Zn’s story! The video looks extremely professional, with superb animations and a great voiceover!

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