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Video Series

What is a video series?

Video series is a format that packs your story into multiple videos. Think about it as a video campaign that uncovers one topic over several episodes (usually three or more).

Branded video series enables companies to reach a wider audience, delve into more complex topics, and build a stronger web presence.

When to use video series?

Different video series have different goals and, unlike brand videos, can have a low-level brand view too (e.i. provide more details).

The only objective limitation of video series is their cost. Depending on your situation, you may want to spend more on customer acquisition, activation, or retention. Just as with any other form of content, when you invest in video you need to make sure that the ROI is going to be worth it.

Qualities of a great video series

— Three videos or more;
— One overarching topic;
— Consistent art style;
— Published over time;
— One clear goal throughout the series.

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