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Explainer Fatigue: The Silent Killer of Video Marketing ROI


Meet John. John tried video marketing many times at his SaaS company. He was sure that the simpler the videos are – the better. The message is the key – he used to say. And yet, his videos produced nothing but crickets.

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Have we met before?

Chances are, you can imagine how this script could be narrated and animated. Maybe, you even had a similar video created for your media campaign.

At Verstiuk Production, we have also produced plenty of such explainer videos in the past. And, at that time, it was okay. But we strongly believe that now is the time for disruption in the world of explainers and video marketing as a whole.

The medium shapes the message. Our modern forms of online video marketing shape the message they convey, often in a negative way.

Let us explain why.


“Ad fatigue” is an actual term used in advertising to describe the condition caused by showing the same ad to the same audience too often.

“Explainer fatigue” is what we call a similar effect, caused by a general oversupply of cookie-cutter explainers and other low-quality marketing videos.

What causes this oversupply? After many years in this business, we know that most clients choose to follow the same conventional formulas, play it safe. It’s one of the reasons.

On the other hand, agencies also have an incentive to standardize creativity to an extent. For example, we use only a few main script structures that are proven to work best for short-form videos.

At the same time, the modern internet is so oversaturated with marketing videos that old tricks alone don’t work anymore. Now, it takes much more boldness and creativity than before to impress the viewers.

“Too familiar” means “boring”. That’s why best practices in creative industries change so often.


This Is a Generic Brand Video, by Dissolve


Don’t be a pitch – Celery


Every Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same


The Automute & Other Curses

Technological progress also pushes brands for more creativity. The current tech trends bring new challenges and opportunities for video marketing.

The past few years alone have brought us:

No wonder why modern customers grow more and more resistant to online marketing!

Even B2B is not safe anymore (thanks, LinkedIn). In the corporate world, generic marketing videos are already repeating the fate of copycat blog posts and their repackaged pdf versions, the so-called “white papers”.

Everyone can now create a template-based explainer or brand video with no prior experience in video production. Meanwhile, algorithms become more and more hostile towards low-quality content.

The Real Cost of “Mediocre”

Is it possible to spend less on creativity, and still get a good ROI? Definitely! However, you have to be mindful of the total cost of your video marketing campaign, not just the cost of video production.

Consider running a video commercial, for example. It has a production cost and then a promotion cost – your ad budget. The better the commercial is received – the lower cost per result it will achieve, and vice versa.

Modern advertising platforms such as Google Ads actually have their quality ranking systems, just as social media and search engines. Low-performing content gets deranked and shown less and less. As a result, mediocre videos never build a significant organic reach.

According to Nielsen, creative generates up to 47 percent of sales from a campaign, with the rest being secured by the reach, targeting, recency, and context.

Regardless of the type of your video – be it a brand video, a homepage explainer, or any other marketing video – its final cost per conversion will highly depend on its creative qualities.

The Perfect Balance

Creativity doesn’t have to be an enemy of efficiency. Ultimately, it has to serve your marketing goals, and so there should always remain a fine balance between familiar and new.

When it comes to the story structure of short-form marketing videos, there is little room for creativity. After ages of commercial storytelling, we have learned what works best.

In terms of audio and voice-over narration, there are also certain conventional motifs (styles of music, tones of voice etc.) that your audience favors. You need to use them to sound relevant and mix in new ideas to keep it engaging.

Finally, there are visuals – and that’s where creativity can truly shine. Because it’s a fairly young and constantly evolving medium (think of drones, 3D animation, interactive video, VR, and other emerging tech), there are always some new techniques to try out.

The most resonating marketing videos keep their message clear and rely on cutting-edge visuals to impress, and ultimately – drive action.

With the right video production partner at your side, you can have peace about experimenting with new ideas, and your brand will only benefit from taking a fresh creative direction.

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