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How to Align Videos With Your Sales Funnel (+ Examples)


Each type of video content resonates with audiences differently, depending on their aims and the message you are trying to deliver. In other words, which type of video you provide at each stage of your sales funnel – matters!

For example, videos ads created for social campaigns will be early-stage content. This video content requires a higher production budget to show your business in its absolute best light. Whereas other forms, such as product demos will be more geared towards prospects that are closer to purchasing and could get away with a lower budget production.

But when should you hire a video production agency instead of just shooting a quick selfie video out to Instagram? And what are your options at different stages of the sales funnel?

Below, we provide a complete list of 12 most useful video types, organized by:

Your sales pipeline doesn’t have to include all of the kinds of video content mentioned, but such structured comparison will definitely help you navigate and discover which videos to use and when.



1) Awareness (Capturing attention)

Explainer videos – provide a high-level overview of what problems you solve for customers.


Promotional videos – promote marketing campaigns, product launches, events, and other content assets.


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Social videos – drive engagement, brand awareness, and sharing using informative videos with broad appeal.


Vlogs – share general educational and lifestyle videos for content marketing and SEO.


Event coverage – stream your presence at a conference or industry gathering to raise brand awareness, and then use stream excerpts to extend your organic reach

2) Consideration (Building authority)

Chalk-talks (whiteboards) – offer buyers expert advice on particular topics


Product demos – show buyers product features and functionality.


Webinars – educate the audience and establish thought leadership via live and on-demand webinars


Podcasts with video – film the process of making a podcast to create 2 types of content at once quickly, then use bits of that video on social to promote the whole piece


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3) Decision (Driving conversion)

Company culture – capture the culture, values, and personality of your employees.


Customer testimonials – highlight real clients and the results you’ve helped them generate results

4) Retaining customers

Onboarding & How-to’s – improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency

Why this exact video length?

You’ve probably noticed already that some suggestions above regarding marketing video length can be fairly flexible. So you may wonder – why sticking to these exact rules?

The answer is – if you can deliver the same value in a shorter time span, then, by all means, create a shorter video. Making your video longer than it should be is where we start seeing problems, and here’s why.

People value video content for its ability to provide information faster and easier than walls of text. That’s what makes videos such a popular medium for content consumption.

So if your video is too long, you run the risk of losing your viewers’ attention or even put them off hitting ‘Play’ at all.

Based on internal customer data, Wistia found that most viewers stop watching at the two-minute mark. In case you want to go for a longer video, some general rules still apply.

If you need a longer video, Wistia recommends aiming between six and twelve minutes. Although engagement reduces after two minutes, it seems to stay consistent between six and twelve. Going over the 12-minutes, however, your audience will begin to lose interest again.

This means we should focus on brevity to keep our audience engaged.

Crush Your Goals with Video Marketing

You already know where each type of video fits into a general sales funnel template. Now, it’s time to incorporate video into your own marketing strategy.

For the goal-driven marketer, video content provides a clear avenue for campaigns that perform. Whether the goal is capturing attention, building authority, driving conversion, or retaining customers, video marketing will yield results every time.

To learn more about video marketing strategies for B2B (and not only) companies, refer to our “Video Marketing 101” blog post.

And feel free to hit us up if you already have some video production ideas you need help with!

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