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eManualOnline Case Study

Explainer Video for eCommerce Company

The client sells over 500,000 different digital manuals for cars, motorcycles, utility vehicles, and even power equipment.

The company serves DIY enthusiasts, car mechanics, and workshop owners. They are headquartered in Germany and had been in this business for 15 years already when they approached us.

The problem

Their problem was brand differentiation and the slow growth of sales.

There are many websites that sell similar repair and service guides for car owners, so the promotional video for eManualOnline had to highlight their unique benefits and reputation.

The video also had to feel fresh, professional, and relatable to the target audience.

Our solution

Our solution was to produce a one-minute promo video that the Client could use for online advertising.

For this purpose, we’ve decided to choose a video style that’s equally unusual and serious, reflecting both the digital nature of the product and the distinctively human passion for engineering.

By addressing the viewer directly and speaking the customer’s “language”, we also managed to create an impression that the team behind eManualOnline are real trusted experts.

Production time – 6 weeks.

The final result

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