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HP Process Mining Case Study

Explainer Video for a Leading Tech Company

The client

HP Inc. (also known as The Hewlett-Packard Company in the past) is an American multinational IT company that develops PCs, printers, and 3D printing solutions, as well as related supplies and software.

It’s the world’s second largest personal computer vendor and one of the leading Fortune 500 companies in the US.

On this project, we were working directly with the HP Process Mining Centre of Excellence, responsible for promoting and implementing process mining across the company.

The problem

Like every other tech company of its scale, HP constantly strives to optimize its gigantic network of processes. The adoption of new tools and approaches that would facilitate this constant improvement is, however, often challenging.

Process experts from HP have approached us, looking to translate their highly technical language into a simple yet effective message that would help promote their internal process mining project.

The main purpose of this video was to set the groundwork for the following meeting with HP’s executive team on the adoption of process mining across the company.

Our solution

We have created a high-level, short explainer video that presents the concept of process mining and shows the benefits of its implementation in just one minute.

Having insights from the team about the audience and future plans for the project, we chose a minimalist flat 2D animation style that would help achieve the highest level of clarity for a busy, unprepared viewer.

Finally, we added a few creative touches to the sound design to add that extra premium feel, required by the company’s brand and reputation.

Client feedback

Christine Hawkins

Dir. of World-wide Digital & Process Transformation, HP

The video was delivered on time and on budget and we love it. Work flowed easily even with the Europe / US timezone.

Their ability to take a complicated topic of process mining and produce an effective script to explain it is amazing.

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