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Nanology Labs Case Study

Explainer Video for a Biotech Company

The client

Nanology Labs is a Canadian biotech company that develops innovative nanotechnology, a partner of MaRS Discovery District, Ontario Brain Institute, University of Toronto, and numerous other prominent organizations in the industry.

Their main product, Manganescan, is a smart nano-structure agent with a manganese core, an advanced polymer that enables safe intravenous injection of cancer drugs.

The problem

Manganescan is an innovative product that requires significant investment to continue its research and development. That’s why Nanology Labs have decided to try video marketing.

The main challenge of this project was to strike the right balance of realism and clarity of the visuals, to appeal towards viewers with different knowledge backgrounds.

The video also had to be short, explaining the core idea of Manganescan in under 60 seconds.

Our solution

For Manganescan, we have chosen a distinct realistic 3D style with particles and unique visual effects.

This render-heavy visual style required more resources, but also enabled us to create a sense of a premium quality that inspires to learn more about the product.

Such an epic introduction ensures that the viewers, including potential investors, feel the real proportions and anticipate a great future impact of this innovative product.

Production time – 8 weeks.

The final result

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