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Visibly Case Study

Promo Video for a SaaS Company

The client

Visibly is a centralized SaaS platform that delivers messages to your employees when, how and where they prefer. The main value proposition of Visibly is that it activates employee brand advocates.

The team behind Visibly has priorly worked on successful employee communication projects for large companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, and Motorola.

Visibly was founded in 2017 and has been growing ever since. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK.

The problem

The team at Visibly was looking to raise brand awareness and the number of demo requests.

Many managers don’t understand why they would need such a product. However, once they try it, Visibly quickly becomes their main tool for measuring and nurturing a culture of employee advocacy.

The Client also wanted to use the isometric characters and elements that their website already features. The branding had to stay consistent.

Our solution

Our solution was to produce a short promo video, focused on the value, rather than the technical aspects of Visibly.

After our several iterations of the script, the Client developed a better vision and provided their final version. The initial concept hasn’t changed so we proceed forward.

Building upon an already great set of branding materials that Visibly has provided, we’ve created a minimalist corporate video that nails the messaging without appearing stuffy.

Production time – 3 weeks.

The final result

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