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Brand Video

What is a brand video?

Brand (or branded) video is a brief marketing video that delivers a non-commercial message while also hinting at your brand without being openly promotional.

Unlike explainer videos and commercials that are designed to cause a certain action (e.g. convince the viewer to visit a website or buy), brand videos are called to raise awareness and strengthen the emotional bond between the audience and your brand.

When to use a brand video?

Brand video challenges the format of traditional commercials and thus can be very successful in PR and social media campaigns.

When looking at the customer journey, brand video is more suitable for mid-funnel stages and building loyalty. It works great for growing a fan-base when you already have customers (or at least prospects that know about your company).

Qualities of a great brand video

— Entertaining (evokes emotions);
— Authentic (true to your brand);
— Viewable without sound (for social networks);
— Not openly-promotional;
— Under 60 seconds in length.

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